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My whole life I am trying to find the answers to questions as: “Why am I on Earth and what am I supposed to do with my life?” And many more. I started a quest; it is a journey of awakening and my quest is far from over.

I have gained many insights that keep making me see my spiritual path more clearly. On my journey I am accompanied by enlightened Masters of Wisdom as Master Jesus, Koot Hoomi, Saint Germain, Djwhal Khul.

DSC00841Through learning, inner development, and spiritual experiences, my healing practice came into existence. In 2000 I opened my practice, providing insight, support, and guidance in spirituality. All my experiences – through my practice too – increased my understanding of the evolution of man.

This knowledge and these experiences I have written down in the book Consciousness, the Evolution of Man’.

This book is designed to help people dealing with the same types of questions I had. It is especially helpful for clients already on their journeys, as well as for people whose interest is piqued and want to learn more.

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Huub Klinkenberg