Omslag-HuubK-11_EN_100915BThe book Consciousness, the Evolution of Man, gives an overview of the journey of the soul. It provides insight in the powers of the soul, the life plan, reincarnation, karma, birth, sickness and dying from an esoteric point of view.

Consciousness is a broad notion. It is about awakening. There are exponents of consciousness other than the physical body, which we call the consciousness of the human being. You are on a journey and during this journey the consciousness continuously gets shaped.

It started billions of years ago. The mind was connected to energy, which is just love, rest, and peace. This energy is called All There Is, or All-comprehensive Love, and is also known as The Source. Despite this love, rest, and peace, there was a need to know the imperfect as well, besides the perfect. This implies making a distinction — the ability to experience the contrast between good and evil, power and powerlessness, and love and hate.

In order to experience these contrasts, the soul arose out of the mind. The soul is the part of consciousness that looks for experiences. First, the soul started experiencing consciousness of being a mineral, then a plant, and then an animal. Then the soul is ready to experience the contrasts belonging to the human beings.

The human being experiences on Earth that we have everything within us — both good and evil. However, the soul is just energy and in order to have experiences the soul needs a vehicle, and that vehicle has become the physical body.

Energy is central in the evolution; everything around us is pure energy. Energy has different levels of density; levels of energy that are called the aura, and they range from very solid to very subtle. The energy of the physical body is completely different than the energy of The Source. Your state of consciousness defines your level of energy.

Before starting this journey, a Plan, a Divine Plan, was made. The entire evolutionary process was written down in this Plan. This Plan supports your development as a soul. You are part of this Divine Plan.

It takes many incarnations to experience all these contrasts. This, too, is founded in a plan, a life plan. A life plan is a program that is made for each life, from birth till the moment you die.

Every life ends. That can happen at a young age or at an older age. This all depends on what the soul had wanted to experience on Earth.

After living many lives and continuing as a soul, ultimately the mind ends up as energy back at The Source. It merges with the energy of The Source, All There Is. The journey is completed, and you have reached your destination. The involution (entering down into the matter) that is followed by the evolution (exiting up out of the matter) is completed.

Each chapter ends with examples from my sessions with clients. In the addendums you’ll find an explanation of terms, an at-a-glance chart explaining the chakras, and a bibliography.

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