Readers’ opinions

A first opinion of a reader on on the English edition:

“What an amazing book! A great, easy to read introduction in the journey of the soul. Right from the start it makes you think about the purpose in life and it helps you to understand why you are experiencing the events as they come to. Consciousness: The Evolution of Man addresses birth, sickness, death, karma, chakras and more from a spiritual point of view.
For me it was a life-changing eye-opener and as a result I look at life in a different, more positive way. And the great thing is that the author not only has managed to present the topics in a way that everybody can understand, but he gives examples from his own practice as well.

If you enjoyed ‘Many lives, many Masters’ by dr. Brian Weiss you will definitely love this one.”

Translated opinions from readers of the Dutch version.

“Right from the start I was intrigued by the Divine Plan. What a great and insightful book!

The book awakened me. Lots of pieces fell in the right place. It ‘just fits’. The book details several themes like love, possession, acceptance, responsibility and fear. The themes are illustrated by examples out of his own practice. No complicated theories in ‘Consciousness”, but a book that is written in a way I understand; in one word: great!”

“The author manages to translate complicated matter, as described by other authors before him, into information that is easy to understand for the common people. That is why this book is a convenient desk book to have close at hand when reading for instance Alice Bailey. Finally a book that made me understand both Blavatsky and Bailey better; definitely a book I recommend”

“A very interesting read. We often wonder why things happen as they occur. Consciousness describes, in an understandable and clear way, why we are on Earth and the deeper meaning of life. Why we experience both beautiful things but also ugly things. It is enlightening to look at life from a different perspective and that everything we experience is part of a much bigger concept. I have gains many insights by reading this book and it is a great desk book to have”

“My first impression: clear content and easy to understand. I was able to take away new information from this book and use it in my life. It gave me new insights as well. The book is a great read, because the chapters are not too long in general. The title of the book covers the content absolutely. I would definitely recommend this book to people who do not have much knowledge in this field, but also to people who deal with the process of consciousness quite some time now”

“This is a book that you can pick up regularly. Great to read, clear and concise. The title is chosen well, just consciousness, as if the pieces of the puzzle fall in their place”