Below are reviews on the Dutch version of the book, translated for illustration purposes only.

“Only a few are gifted to write about esotericism in a popular way. Huub Klinkenberg, since long studying the development of man’s consciousness, clearly succeeded”

“This book is an exemplary introduction in esotericism. It also contains an explanation of terms, an overview of the chakras and more literature if you are looking for more information”

“Consciousness: the Evolution of Man by Huub Klinkenberg. Our suggestion? A must-read! Information on spirituality is pretty dispersed. One book is about chakras, another about life after death. There are only a few authors who manage to give a complete spiritual overview in a concise and popular way. Huub Klinkenberg is one of them. Based upon theosophical ideas and with a deep knowledge of the spiritual literature he manages to offer a synthesis of spiritual insights”